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Extended Day

Instructional time through out the school is from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM. We have absolutely amazing afternoon teachers that host  well-structured Extended Day Programs for families that need to provide and work late. 

Ms. Rebecca and Ms. Carole's Afternoon Owls

The owls are hootin' with joy as they just started their VPK program. With lengthy days of teaching, we love doing fun activities and extra playground time with them in the afternoon! We can't wait for Florida's cool weather to kick in, so enjoying the outdoors will be even better!






Ms. Lex's Afternoon Dolphins

These dolphins are swimming with a breeze through their first few months! We are following along Ms. Lulu's curriculum but putting a messy spin on it since Instructional Time is finished! We will be talking about these new times in the pandemic, reading a bible story a week and doing tons of art! Jonah and the Whale and Daniel in the Lion's Den have been some top faves!

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